Philosophy Essays and Research Papers

“What Kind of Progress is Possible in Philosophy?”
I wrote this essay for the philosophy category of the 2018 John Locke Institute Essay Competition. I received Commendation (top 30 amongst competitors from over 100 countries).

“Truth or Deceit: Which Has a Greater Impact on Society?”
This short essay responds to the Kids Philosophy Slam’s 2018 Prompt. With this essay, I won the James W. Buchan Award for writing excellence, and I also won the award for “2018 Most Philosophical Student in America.”

“Reasoning Machines: Applying Kant’s Transcendental Idealism to Artificial Intelligence”
This was my first real research paper in philosophy, which I submitted to the 2018 MIT Inspire Competition, reaching semi-finals.

2018 Davidson Fellows Submission
This was an extended version of the paper I wrote for the MIT Inspire Competition that I submitted to the 2018 Davidson Fellows Scholarship. I added some more analysis and separated its parts into three distinct essays to fit the competition’s rules.

“Robots, Reason, and Restricted Freedom”
This essay was written for the 2018 Trinity College Cambridge Philosophy Essay Competition. It responded to the prompt: If AI ever gets to the point of making robots as intelligent as us, won’t forcing them to work for us be just as bad as slavery?

“Truth, a Pragmatic Account”
This essay responds to PLATO’s 2017-2018 Essay Prompt.

“Nietzsche’s Genealogy and Moral Confidence”
I wrote this for my final paper in the 2018 Stanford Humanities Institute course on “Evil.”