Origin Story

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For all of my still short life, I have lived in an environment populated by people dedicated to concrete realities and tangible objects. Observations and subsequent predictions characterized the intensely scientific minds of the people around me. Being a product of this system, I readily adopted this mode of thinking. While this way of approaching the world familiarized me with noble pursuits such as science, its focus on the concrete and tangible left me lacking in the ability to think in the abstract. Any questions of ethics, truth, or the nature of existence remained unasked and altogether abandoned.

When I began high school, I joined the debate team and was confronted by a myriad of this exact type of philosophical problem. To expand my horizons and look for new arguments, I knew I would need to do a lot of reading, so in late 2016, I received my first introduction to those abstract questions through the normative ethical philosophy of Immanuel Kant. His ethics centers around the idea that morality must come from concepts derived from pure logic. These are called concepts a priori, and they must not originate from experiencing the empirical world. This argument confounded me. For days, I sat puzzling over this strange idea. Even at a nice family dinner, I could not help but stare off into the distance and think about this ethical system. After meticulously analyzing philosophical work, reading secondary sources, and arduously examining these concepts, I finally wrapped my head around the idea that abstracting away from the concrete world might actually be able to produce incredible value.

From that moment, I found myself voraciously consuming the ideas of philosophy. From ancient views on the arrangement of political and social life to modern takes on metaphysics, everything managed to cast new light onto the areas of my mind and of my worldview which had for so long been dark.

Here, I wish to share with everyone the thoughts and ideas which have sparked much curiosity and an appetite for learning within me. Thus, I welcome you to concepts a priori.